What is Brandon ?

Brandon is a charitable funding machine to preserve individual rights and arm humanity’s destruction of tyranny while supporting the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness for all.

"No body living can ever stop me, as I go walking my freedom highway. No body living can make me turn back this land was made for u and me." ~Bob Dylan, 1961



We are a group of God-fearing freedom lovers calling on our fellow humanity (we the people) who believe in individual freedom and rights to join our cause. Our primary aim is to financially support those people and organizations that contribute to the collective resistance against the globalist-elite forces actively trying to suppress, oppress and enslave the people inside their tyrannical world government.

We are apolitical and want to unify all good people under the banner of liberty, not divide people along party lines, races, classes, etc.! Everyday more and more of us are waking up and seeing the enemy’s central ploy is to “divide and conquer” us, but that’s a loser’s game in the end. What better way than crypto decentralization to raise the funds the people need to dissolve the elite’s centralized financial stranglehold on us, along with their psychological operations against us?

Since the inception of crypto, it has been our most deadly weapon in the fight against central bank elites, the governments they pay / extort, and the power they employ to control us. For hundreds of years the 'elites' have been successfully stealing from the people of the world through unfair, criminal financial systems, products, taxes, and regulations designed to kill off the middle class, while enriching themselves.

A few short years ago, most of us didn’t understand how this could be so, but due to the emergence of decentralized technology and other factors, the elite became panicked. In a state of fear, they have declared all out war with humanity and this overreach has awakened the masses to their existence. How they operate against us is now known, and this is revealing how we are not only going to remove their stranglehold around our necks, but also put them all to the just end they deserve.

Crypto is a deciding weapon for humanity and foretells our ultimate freedom. Part of this freedom will include the right of individuals to have a safe and secure means of value transfer and savings, without the need for the centralized middlemen oligarchs. This terrifies the elite for obvious reasons. Their power is money and they have done all in their power to keep it from the masses.

Our project allows all humanity to immediately and continuously be an unstoppable charitable funding machine to preserve all of our individual rights and to arm humanity's destruction of globalist tyranny. This will result in our inalienable right to the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness for all. Any motive and operation to steal these rights from any man is clearly an evil, but the only power that evil has is the power people give it. Once the majority of us wakes up and says NO, how can thousands of elites survive against billions of unified people? Of course, they can’t; they know it and we know it. Our cause here is to inform, fund and eliminate these criminals, in the minority.

Our team has a deep and thorough knowledge of the crypto markets and blockchain technology, with decades of combined experience. We also have deep experience in marketing and entertainment industries to propel our mission further.


We will initially be launching $BRANDON on the Binance smart chain (BSC) due to the affordable fees, and plan to launch on other blockchains in the future. We are to be a charitable funding mechanism, and we'll also be introducing our own line of NFT's called, The Icons Of Freedom. Our DeFi financial services will commence Qtr 1, 2022: staking, farming (see road map) We plan to utilize everything the crypto space has to offer to help in the fight for freedom!