What is Brandon ?

Brandon is a charitable funding machine to preserve individual rights and arm humanity’s destruction of tyranny while supporting the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness for all.

"No body living can ever stop me, as I go walking my freedom highway. No body living can make me turn back this land was made for u and me." ~Bob Dylan, 1961



• A trend began spreading in the U.S. where people chant "F@#$ Joe Biden" at professional sporting events and major concerts in protest of U.S. President Joe Biden.

• A prominent TikToker posted a compilation of people chanting "F@#$ Joe Biden" at college sports games, concerts and a crowded bar, gaining over 232,000 views in less than 2 weeks

• The 45th President of the United States of America, Donald Trump, hosted a pay-per-view boxing event where the crowd chanted "we want Trump" then "F@#$ Joe Biden".

• NASCAR racer Brandon Brown won his first NASCAR Series. Brown was interviewed on the race track by NBC after the race. During the interview the crowd started chanting "F@#$ Joe Biden." The interviewer then tried to imply they were shouting “Let’s go Brandon,” but the listeners knew what they were hearing! The clip was shared to Twitter on that day, gaining over 3.8 million views, 28,000 likes and 10,000 retweets in less than four days.

• Twitter users began using the phrase "Let's go Brandon" in place of the more vulgar, "F@#$ Joe Biden" in order to criticize the U.S. President and the #LetsGoBrandon hit number one on Twitter. It satisfied those who didn’t want children to hear vulgarity, but wanted to express the same sentiments.

• As the meme continues to spread, musical artists have started recording songs titled "Let's Go Brandon" in protest of Joe Biden. Four of the top spots on the U.S. iTunes charts were filled by songs titled "Let's Go Brandon," including one of these songs making number one, two, five and six. One artist posted a music video that has gained over 4.4 million views.

• The "Let's go Brandon" chant is now being heard in protests all around the world, from Brazil to England, France, Spain and many more.

• Our team began preparations to create the Let’s Go Brandon Token ($BRANDON). The Let’s go Brandon phenomenon is much more than just a political statement in one country, it is a proclamation by much of humanity, which is sick and tired of the erosion of freedom, government over reach, and the manipulation of our markets and our society by the global elites! Our goal is to support global freedom against tyranny.


We will initially be launching $BRANDON on the Binance smart chain (BSC) due to the affordable fees, and plan to launch on other blockchains in the future. We are to be a charitable funding mechanism, and we'll also be introducing our own line of NFT's called, The Icons Of Freedom. Our DeFi financial services will commence Qtr 1, 2022: staking, farming (see road map) We plan to utilize everything the crypto space has to offer to help in the fight for freedom!



Our innovative tokenomics will allow $BRANDON community the power to not only earn passive income on an appreciating asset, but will also allow us to make our voices heard in the form of choosing which entities will receive the charitable donations.

$BRANDON will also incentivize our community through airdrops at critical milestones for our project. The incentives and milestones will be based on social media participation and market cap (MC) levels: • $100MMC • $500MMC • $1BMC • $5BMC • $10BMC • $100BMC

The social media participation will include token giveaways, community airdrops, and fun friendly competition. Make sure to follow all our social media for updates and competition start-times.

Our charity wallet will be controlled by a legal trustee who will be contractually obligated to follow the directives of the community’s vote. After your vote is heard, our trustee will immediately process the transfer of funds to the chosen charity / individual.

Our NFT collection, Icons of Freedom (first launch drop of NFT: Qtr 4, 2021) will also contribute to our charitable fund. 50% of revenues from the NFT auctions will be added to the charity wallet. There will be select special auctions, which will also include new music tracks by Topher and group, exclusively for the $BRANDON charitable contribution wallet and community. Only 1776 of these one-of-a-kind NFTs will ever be minted, and they will continuously contribute each time these NFTs are sold, via a 5% charitable fee charged to the seller. NFT auctions will drop on holidays, during special events and fundraisers.

We plan to be partner with a blockchain voting-tech company to afford us transparent accountability and credibility, so that our community’s voices are heard. On November 30, 2021 Project Veritas (already decided to be the first charity recipient) will receive its donation. The following month on December 30, 2021 the first community vote will be held to select the next $BRANDON charity recipient. These monthly votes and all NFT auctions will continually take place on the 2nd to last day of each month.

In quarter one 2022, $BRANDON will be partnering with a major native wallet for transactions, along with a native blockchain and decentralized social media platform to call home. This platform will offer full DeFi capabilities for staking and farming with great APY rewards for the $Brandon community. This is a serious mission we are all embarking on to make a substantial difference in this fight for humanity. Again, our goal is to fund the real freedom fighters in all capacities, until every last person involved in crimes against humanity has been rooted out and brought to justice.

As said, The Veritas Foundation will be the recipient of $BRANDON's first charitable donation. Veritas has come under attack recently from an obviously corrupt, weaponized, and unconstitutional FBI. We are told Veritas’ own offices and the personal homes of their reporters have been raided. The FBI, at the bidding of the Biden administration, continues to treat the few American journalists left as criminals for trying to report the truth. This is a dangerous precedent that we the people reject. If we lose the last vestiges of freedom of speech and press through government and big tech oppression, we will lose our right to the knowledge of the crimes being committed against us, and, therefore, our ability to defend ourselves and rights.

Voices that shine light on all the corruption, lies, deceit, and theft being enacted by elite corporations and government agencies must be heard! Choosing The Veritas Foundation as our first charitable donation demonstrates our dedication to freedom. It also is a battle cry to freedom loving people everywhere: let’s now unite one and all, regardless of nationality, ethnicity, gender, political party, class, religion, philosophy, etc. – for we all know in our hearts that we are one family under a higher Power, obviously equal and unique expressions of that Power.

We are ALL most certainly are awake now, and certainly do not comply with nonsensical evil. We will not stand by in a bewildered fog and watch corruption run rampant in our great nation and our world for one more day. Yes, it is hard for good people to accept such arrogant evil actually exists, but once awake, we waste little time standing aghast at it, we simply destroy it. The opposition knows this and is terrified of awakened Americans, for they have never lost a war for their liberty. The American government lost wars when controlled by the globalist elite, and they will surely lose this one against the American people, as well.

The spirit of liberty and the understanding why that is God-inspired and mandated is in the American spiritual DNA. Several decades of elitist revision of our history books could never erase this DNA in our children. The elite have a high opinion and dependence on their intellectualism, but, of course, it is all foolishness to the higher wisdom. Such intellectualism is actually the deepest form of ignorance, a flimsy reed, which will soon snap and pierce them through the heart.

Thankfully, many, if not a majority of the American people, and our global brethren, have been awakened by the criminals’ desperation and overreach. We Americans feel great pride in all those fighting for justice over our seas, and we join you all now. Buy $BRANDON, make money in the process, and know your involvement is adding to the funding of our freedom fighters against tyranny. The battle will not be long, and it will most likely be won in the voting box, before any shot is fired at the elite. But, we will not be satisfied with that. Justice will be done for crimes against our humanity, in accordance with the constitution they tried to kill.